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This home had far outlived its original purpose and was in need of an extreme makeover. After looking at different designs the homeowner decided to go with a popular design we call "The Ridgewood".
Wilfong Construction provided complete demolition and site preparation services. Clearing the site of debris our crew safely and thoroughly disposed of all waste materials leaving the site ready for the new structure.
With all the necessary equipment still onsite from demolition the new footings and basement flooring could quickly be dug and made ready for concrete.
Once the concrete is ready we brought in a crane to begin setting the basement walls. Using an ultra high strength steel insulated wall system basement walls were quickly erected. With an R value of 55 these walls will not only proved a solid foundation but will also keep out the cold and dampness.
The HVAC system and other equipment are set on the newly finished basement floor, next it is time to bring in the house sections for permanent assembly.
The house is delivered in four main modules on trucks in the order that they are needed for onsite assembly. All modules are pre wrapped at the factory to ensure a dry damage free delivery.
Experienced roofers can now cap this house off with a weather tight roof. While carpenters begin putting the finishing touches on the interior.
Inside the home the next step is to begin finishing the interior.
Outside we can now add the porch and complete the vinyl siding.
We leave the project with lawn seeded and ready for the family to move in.



Before and After Extreme Home

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