"Five Steps to Building a Custom Home with Wilfong Construction"
Step 1: Purchase Your Land

Purchase your Land

(If you need help in finding land, professional real estate please contact us.  We can give you information on a reputable Real Estate Agent)

Obtain Pre-Approval Letter from lender to determine Project Budget.


Step Two: The Design Phase

The Design Phase

Select Your home's Floor Plan- See our available floorplans  or consult with a home designer. We have relationships with some talented local architects and can help you find the one that is right for your project.

- An on-site land evaluation.
- Consultation time with Wilfong Construction.
- Pricing for the options and upgrades available.
- A firm project quote.
- Blueprints for your new home.
- A construction timeline.

Step Three: The Launch Phase

Launch Your Project

After the signing of a contract with Wilfong Construction to build, the following will take place:

Closing on your Construction Loan.
- Approval of Final Blueprints. 
- Staking out the home on your building site with you.
- Submitting the blueprints to the state for permitting.
- Obtaining the required Local Permits.
- The start of site-work and foundation construction. 

Step Four: Framing, Electicial, Plumbing & HVAC Systems Installed

The House Takes Shape

- The framing crew and roof are completed first.
- Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC systems are installed and tested.

*At this point your home is between 75% and 80% complete.

Step Five: Final Finishing

Finishing Your House

During this phase the following will take place:

Roof Finishing
- Exterior Envelope Finishing
- Installation of Gutters & Downspouts
- Utility Hook-Ups
- Drywall Finishing
- Trim Carpentry
- Installation of Carpet and/or Hardwood flooring
- Painting
- Porch & Deck Construction.
- Concrete Flat Work
- Landscaping
- Final Inspections
- Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
-Move into your new Home!


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